Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Louder than words, or, the Saddest Review I've ever had to Write

There has never been a better time to build an audience around your idea or product. But with so many people and companies clamoring for attention, it’s also more challenging than ever to do work that deeply resonates with the marketplace and creates true and lasting impact.
According to Todd Henry, the key to standing apart from the noise is to find your unique voice. Those who identify and develop their voices will gain more attention and wield more influence. But first they have to identify what they truly stand for, develop a compelling vision, and become masters of expressing their ideas in whatever media they choose. Henry offers strategies, exercises, and true stories that illustrate the five attributes of resonant work:
• Authenticity: Uncover the narratives that are at the core of your personal and professional identity.• Uniqueness: Identify what makes your work distinct from that of others, and learn to creatively package and present your message.• Consonance: Cultivate internal consistency and harmony in your work.• Empathy: Listen to your audience’s aspirations and struggles to make your message more compelling.• Timing: Learn how to coordinate your work with ideas that already have cultural momentum.

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My Review:

I might as well rename my blog "cover first, blurb later" because for whatever reason I thought this was a self help book for introverts when I initially won it from Goodreads.
Well, it is self help, just for business type people like bloggers and writers and the like.
Obviously this book applies to me as a former writer and current blogger, so I was interested. There was a little repetition, but not so much that it was cumbersome or patronizing. 
Did it change my life? no. Was I picking it up every spare second to read it? No. But I didn't exactly hate it either, and I think that's the real tragedy here-- this book was simply unremarkable. And unfortunately, despite being "willing to offend" like the book advises, not everyone is ready to find out that their authentic voice is forgettable.

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