Monday, September 7, 2015

Book Review: Flutterby Field

Last day of Children's week! Aww! No worries, Fiction week is up next!

Flutterby Field is a mystical, beautiful place, filled with flutterbies, that holds a special place in the hearts of a grandfather and granddaughter. Come visit 'Flutterby Field' and share in the bond of two people sharing a very special place.

My Review:

The first two pages had great cadence, but hiccupped a little on the third. I love that the words and illustrations were on separate pages, so it's easy to position yourself where you can read to a group and see the words with minimal book tilting.

The pictures were beautiful and gave justice to the description of flutterby field. It took a little while, but about halfway through the cadence corrected itself.

I'd probably recommend this book to lovers of Munsch's I'll Love You Forever

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