Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book Review: Savior by A. King Bradley

A. King Bradley grew up in a tiny town in southwest Georgia. As a child, he would often turn to reading and art instead of wrestling his six siblings for control of their household's lone television. What started as an alternate form of entertainment soon became his passion as he developed a powerful love for storytelling.

His Savior Series is a daring, complex, and unforgettable take on the Hero's Journey that delivers a perfect blend of captivating action and suspense.

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Once bullied to the brink of suicide, 16 year-old Adam Reaper discovers extraordinary powers within himself. As the ungovernable changes within unleash a burning hatred for all who once wronged him, Adam is faced with choosing between using his gifts to save the world from impending doom or to take vengeance against his enemies. 
For a time, Monica, the love of Adam’s life, is able to keep the newfound darkness in his heart at bay, but tragedy strikes when Adam’s older brother, PJ, is murdered after insidious forces give rise to a formidable domestic terror cell known as The Strangers. 
As he pursues his brother’s killers, Adam and his friends, Howie and Ace, find themselves thrust into an unthinkable conflict that could ultimately lead to the destruction of the world. As Adam storms farther away from Monica and deeper down the dark path of revenge, the edges of his own darkness begin to fade once again.

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My review:
The prologue had enough action and hooked me, but the first chapter was dry. It wasn't until the beginning of the second chapter that this was the natural voice of the main character, who is chronically exhausted. Had I not stuck it out, I would have chocked it up to a one-page wonder. Thankfully, it got better as the chapters went on. Every writer knows beginnings are hard. 

On the brighter side, I was very impressed with the action scenes. They had enough detail to keep me engaged without being so wordy that it slows down what's happening. As I was considering the believability of the tale, I had to consider--if I had superpowers at the age of sixteen would I be a hero or a villain? Everyone wants to be able to say they would be the good guy, but when you throw teenage hormones into the mix it becomes a whole different story. Bradley did a great job portraying ordinary teens amidst extraordinary circumstances. 

By the end of the book, I got a feeling I don't often get with books I'm asked to review--the realization that there were only a few pages left and a major cliffhanger was being dropped. despite the first few pages that initially set my expectations for this book low, I'm giving it five stars. Movie potential: not a lot. I feel like a tv series would do it more justice.