Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review: Fangasm

Once upon a time not long ago, two responsible college professors, Lynn the psychologist and Kathy the literary scholar, fell in love with the television show Supernatural and turned their oh-so-practical lives upside down. Plunging headlong into the hidden realms of fandom, they scoured the Internet for pictures of stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and secretly penned racy fan fiction. And then they hit the road—crisscrossing the country, racking up frequent flyer miles with alarming ease, standing in convention lines at 4 A.M.
And yet even as they reveled in their fandom, the authors were asking themselves whether it’s okay to be a fan, especially for grown women with careers and kids. “Crazystalkerchicks”—that’s what they heard fromSupernatural crew members, security guards, airport immigration officials, even sometimes their fellow fans. But what Kathy and Lynn found was that most fans were very much like themselves: smart, capable women looking for something of their own that engages their brains and their libidos.
Fangasm pulls back the curtain on the secret worlds of fans and famous alike, revealing Supernatural behind the scenes and discovering just how much the cast and crew know about what the fans are up to. Anyone who’s been tempted to throw off the constraints of respectability and indulge a secret passion—or hit the road with a best friend—will want to come along

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My Review:

I liked Supernatural. That's not necessarily why I requested this book from Netgalley. I requested it because I am a 

Fangirl. Like, "I watched Doctor Who and proceeded to name my firstborn Rover Song" level Fangirl. Because of real life 

struggles, I've never been to a convention. I live vicariously through experiences like those of the authors of this book.

It was kind of interesting to see a casual research question turn into a full out obsession. And hey--if I could call going to conventions 'research', I would jump at the chance too. There was a recurring theme of "being a hardcore fan is shameful" And you know, maybe it is to the babyboomer generation. But in the same breath that they cited documentaries that made fandoms look ridiculous, they in turn made fandoms in general look, well, crazy. But that's what can happen when your research gets personal.

Verdict: wouldn't even borrow.

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