Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: Emitown

From the whimsical to the tragic, Emi Lenox (PLUTONA, TADAIMA) brings you into her world with superb cartooning, a brilliant cast of characters and an innocent perspective often left on the cutting room floor of other diary comics. Emi proves that life is never dull in her first annual collection of EMITOWN! Introduction by Jamie S. Rich (MADAME FRANKENSTEIN, Lady Killer). 

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My Review:

The Good: Emi has a fantastic talent for drawing. I'm super impressed and jealous. Emi is raw and honest and has a really cute style even when it comes to her words.

What could be better: While I appreciate the candor of this book, letting us see every bit of detail, I'm not sure we really...needed so much detail. Gosh, there was a lot. I don't really mind long works--my favorite book is the Poisonwood Bible. But I wish there had been more of a story element, at least in the first few pages where it matters most.

I lost interest before I could get a tenth of the way through. I pushed until page 50 and still didn't really feel like I had met Ocean Girl, White Heart or Black Heart. I'm sure, according to their profiles on the first page, I had seen them. But according to their descriptions I couldn't really be sure. 

No star rating (read: not a zero, just declining to rate). I'm sure many others would love this book but it wasn't for me.

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