Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Dream on!

Imagination and motivation are key to young children’s happiness and health. Thinking about dreams and goals can help children cope with challenges when they arise and view life through a hopeful lens. With this encouraging book, nurture children’s imaginations and help them enjoy taking responsibility for their choices and goals. Back matter includes advice for motivating kids and teaching about goal setting at home, at school, and in childcare.

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My Review:
I received an e-arc, and I'm not sure if the pictures translated correctly. There was a lot of black in the illustrations that gave it a somewhat ominous feel.

Aside from the black spots, the illustrations were enjoyable and the story had a great message. I'm so happy to be reading books lately that feature diverse characters, so our kids can continue to learn different lessons than the racism of the recent past.

The "adult portion " of the book is a valuable resource for parents and teachers, to implement new vocabulary words and encourage positive development.

Most of the activities asked to focus on one dream. This seems like a tall order for a 4-8 year old, but would be interesting to see if done yearly with one child to see how their dreams evolve.

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