Saturday, December 17, 2011

When Copper Suns Fall

 Author: KaSonndra Leigh

I started reading this book blind. KaSonndra sent me a message, asking if I could read her book and post my thoughts on it.

I did just that. I didn't look at the cover or read the summary, the synopsis, or even the title until it popped up on my Kindle.

May I just say: the first page drew me in. It offered a slight insight to the world this novel was set in, but didn't give enough information for the reader to know already what was going to happen.

Things I liked:
1. The characters. Namely Faris, Chela, and even Seth.
2. The time-set. roughly post-reality/pre-big brother on the literary timeline.
3. The secrets! I usually don't like mysteries, but Leigh wrote them so they kind of snuck up on me and bugged me until I finished the last page.
4. The society. The "everyone's gifted except you, oh wait you're not even in the same class" kind of plot twist that I loved in Open Minds.
5. The style. Leigh managed to write from a teenage girl's viewpoint without sounding like...well, a teenage girl. I love that.

Things I didn't like:
1. Not much. I'll be honest--whenever I read a book, particularly a free one, I tend to hone in on mistakes or sentences that didn't flow right. I didn't find any of these. I can say I didn't quite like the way Chela's father kept secrets or her step-relatives. But who would, really?

What I look forward to:
1. The sequel.
2. Telling other people about this book.
3. Fangirling over the storyline with people who have already read this.
4. Paying money for the next book/edition. I love supporting authors I love.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: The ecstasy of Influence By John Lethem

The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc.

There aren't many authors that can hook me on the first page, much less the preface, much less by writing the truth. It seems to be that I only read nonfiction books if I need information or examples for something I'm writing. This is the exception.

"The Ecstasy of Influence" is one of those books that may be a turning point in life for the reader. I don't know if this is so yet; get back to me in a month.

But Jon Lethem seems to understand that readers first want to be entertained, then told the truth, then told something that they didn't realize was the truth. Lethem does all this in the first two pages of his Preface.

My advice: Get this book as fast as you can; it'll be a bestseller before long.

Find it on Goodreads.