Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Review: Happy Birthday Davy!

Welcome to day 3 of Children's week!

Davy is counting the days until his birthday. It seems like such a long wait! He is so excited, he can hardly sit still when Father Rabbit tells a story about a lucky little rabbit who had three wishes that all came true. Davy decides that if he had three wishes, he'd wish for someone who would tell him stories whenever he wanted, someone who would teach him new games, and someone who always had plenty of time to spend with him.Davy's birthday finally arrives and with it comes a big surprise present -- too big to be wrapped -- that makes all of Davy's wishes come true and his birthday the happiest one ever.

This new adventure featuring Davy and the Rabbit family shows that love is the best gift of all.

My Review:

This book was so adorable. The pictures had my one year old engaged, even if it was a little long for her (definitely a book to try again in a year or so) The story had me interested and wanting to give little Davy a hug as he walked around just wanting someone to play with and stories to read. 
This is a great book to be read out loud or by yourself on a classroom or library floor. If this book is going to be shared by many children and enjoyed as a group story time read, I'd definitely get it. But for a single family with an only child? 15 dollars and change is a bit steep. Definitely get the Tuff Book version I linked up to above to only pay half the price.

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