Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Academy Girls

Jane Milton—divorced and deeply in debt—has reluctantly returned to the remote boarding school of her youth, this time to teach, but the long-buried secrets of her past will not be easy to escape.
During their senior year, Jane and her friends Kat and Lissa obsessed over their English teacher, Miss Pymstead, convinced of her involvement in an unsolved murder. As the obsession escalated, it took a tragic turn. The only record of their misdeeds was a secret manuscript that disappeared without a trace—until the story resurfaces in an assignment turned in by Jane’s least favorite student.
Jane scrambles to unravel the mysteries, but can she keep her own secrets buried as she unearths even darker, long-hidden truths?
Revised edition: This edition of Academy Girls includes editorial revisions.

My Review:

Dead poets society goes horribly wrong--in a good way--in Academy girls. I first started getting interested in private school stories from the usual; I read the Gallagher girls series, spy goddess series, and Looking for Alaska. What I found most interesting about this book is that, when the main character was a student, there wasn't any happy ending like there was in the other books, meant for younger readers. This was the story of what happens After. I found myself completely engrossed by the writing style and plot, and the characters were well developed. I especially appreciate how seamless the transition between past and present was.

Overall: I'd read it in a library and buy a kindle version, and while I'd love a print copy as a gift, I wouldn't go out and buy it myself.

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