Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book Review: Waiting on God

We have all experienced a disconnect between God's promises to us and our everyday reality. We wait, without understanding why. We want to know God's plan so that we can trust it--but God so often hides his plan so that we will trust "him." What can we do in the meantime as we are waiting for an answer, a change, or a miracle? 
With deep compassion, Wayne Stiles helps readers understand why God makes them wait. Unpacking the Old Testament story of Joseph, Stiles shows readers how to find comfort and opportunity in the time between God's promises and his answers, revealing the perspective-altering truth that sometimes when we think we are waiting on God, he is actually waiting on us. 
Anyone who has felt a disconnect between God's promises and their reality, who doesn't know what God wants them to do next, or who struggles with the brokenness of their world will find in Wayne Stiles a wise and trustworthy guide to finding peace in the pauses.
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My Review: 
There's something special about a book on God written by a student of theology. Wayne Stiles wrote this book that answers the question "If God love me, then why___?"

In this work, Stiles uses the story of Joseph. You know Joseph--the one with the coat? The one that has both a Veggie Tales movie AND a musical about him? We all know that story forwards and back, right?
Strangely, no. Stiles breaks down the story with commentary and interpretations that make you rethink what you think you know. And like any teacher, Stiles takes his time getting to the point sometimes. He'll go off on something that SEEMS unrelated. But every word is significant and intentional.

With all this information and insight I've read, with Stiles clearly being an expert in his field yet somehow remaining humble throughout his writing, not only would I recommend and buy this for a friend, but I would seek out everything else by this author to do the same.

I'm glad I received this through a Firstreads giveaway.

My Rating: 5/5

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