Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Mutt's Winter Diaries

Yesh! Mooch, Earl, and all their endearing Mutts friends are back in this second Mutts collection for kids!

Mutts highlights the adventures of Earl the dog and Mooch the cat, best buddies who regularly come in contact with Shtinky Puddin, Sourpuss, Guard Dog, and Crabby--as well as an assortment of whimsically rendered humans. This cast is capable of endless antics, interspersed with thoughtful views on both the animal and human condition. And whether they're raiding garbage cans or basking in full-frontal belly rubs, Mooch and Earl always have a comment to clinch the scene.

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My Review:

Seeing as these comics were apparently in newspapers, you think the author would have taken a cue from Garfield and made the book horizontal so we wouldn't be turning our heads sideways to see the Sunday comics. Aside from that, this collection of comics was entertaining but not necessarily great. If I came across a free newspaper (for whatever reason, our News Company doesn't deliver to apartments) I'd read it as I perused the comics. But if I saw this in a store or Library I'd most likely pass it by. I'm sure if silly domesticated animals are your passion, though, you'd enjoy this collection. 

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