Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Ms. Conception by Jen Cummings

Abigail Nichols has tried everything from rash-inducing herbal creams to acupuncture in a desperate, last-ditch effort to get pregnant. Wedged into her iPhone schedule among new business pitches and rebranding design meetings is Abby’s ovulation cycle, along with potential opportunities for illicit afternoon quickies. With all of their hopes and savings on the table, Abby and her husband Jack enter the whispered world of fertility clinics. Along with a meddling mother-in-law, competitive pregnancies, and constant obligatory sex, Abby’s baby-track mind conspires to ravage her career, her marriage, and her sanity. One thing she knows for sure: a healthy sense of humor (and the occasional glass of red wine) is the best coping strategy. One thing she wishes she knew: whether it will be enough. Ms. Conception is an honest but light-hearted novel inspired by the ups and downs of fertility treatments and the emotional burden that rests on those trying to conceive

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My Review:

It took my husband and I a year to get pregnant. I felt so much for Abby in the beginning of this book, because I remember crying every month when nature told me I wasn't going to have a baby. I remember snapping at my husband and glaring daggers at coworkers who kept getting pregnant.

I can't even imagine having a meddling mother-in-law and having to spend so much money or be without child. Even now, we don't have that kind of money for treatments. 

I seriously went through so many emotions during this book. I was happy and then sad and then crushed and the happy and then anxious...this book just made me feel so many things and I got so attached to the characters in this book that by the time I put it down one of my coworkers asked me "What's wrong?" and I just started gushing about it and telling her to read it.

When I got to the Author's note at the end of the book, I realized why this book was so good. Writers, you'll hear over and over that personal experiences make for the best books, and this is an example of that. Jen has so much of my respect right now and I can't wait to see if there will be more from her.

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