Friday, October 2, 2015

Cinderella has Cellulite

Okay, lover girl. Your new man has you startled, staggered, and swept off your feet. Now what?

You know who you are. The store clerk caught you scooping up beauty tips and slipping Cosmo magazines under the milk and potatoes in your grocery cart. And you are busy checking in at yoga studios to tighten your arm muscles and buttocks, announcing, “He may be the one” to anyone who will listen.
Where is this going? Down the aisle or down in flames?
Cinderella Has Cellulite offers a welcome and realistic look at relationships when Prince Charming suddenly walks into your life. Wild satire abounds in this hilarious, off-the-wall take on his friends, your friends, his ex, the in-laws, and everything in between.
A must read for last wives and women everywhere!

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My Review:

While I'm not a "last wife" in the typical sense (I'm also a first wife) I found this book funny and entertaining. Weitzman talks about prenups, warning signs, and jealous friends in a candid but humorous way. The only thing I didn't fully appreciate was the analogy-riddled introduction. It felt a bit like a high school freshman trying too hard on an English assignment.

I know my reviews are usually longer but really, it's entertaining but not really something I'd gush to anyone about.

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