Sunday, October 25, 2015

ebook review: Carefully Everywhere Descending

Audrey Anderson has one chance to escape poverty—excel academically and get into a good school. She’ll let nothing stand between her and her goal: not dating and certainly not snotty Scarlett West. The girls can’t stand each other, so why is Scarlett hanging around Audrey and getting under Audrey’s skin—in more ways than one?
Scarlett needs a tutor, and Audrey doesn’t want the job. She still resents Scarlett offering to pay Audrey to do her homework, but her compassionate best friend talks Audrey into giving Scarlett a second chance. The more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for Audrey to fight her growing attraction to the other young woman.
At the same time, Audrey’s interest in her new neighbor’s bizarre behavior gnaws at her, and she can’t leave the mystery alone. Her relentless curiosity might cost her everything.

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My review:

Unpopular opinion time. I liked this book. Let's go Star by star:

1, readability: The flow was easy and the sentences were smooth. Subject matter aside, this is the kind of writing voice I craved as a high schooler.

2, plot: When you're reading YA romance, there typically isn't a whole lot of plot. But I did like what happened at the end. I'm not sure if maybe the other reviewers weren't paying attention during the novel, but I didn't find it out of left field at all.

3, Characters: I honestly had a crush on Scarlett because I knew a girl like her in High School and had a crush on that girl. I loved that Audrey is so studious and focused on her future. And Amber is so sweet, I was actually totally hoping she and Audrey would end up hooking up. The whole thing with Mitchell was a little weird, but you know. Writer's license. 

4, predictibility: Did not see the ending coming. I loved it. 

5, buyability: I would definitely recommend getting the kindle book, since you may be of the slightly more popular opinion that you don't like it. But personally, I would definitely buy a print book for a younger friend of mine.

Book source: Netgalley

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