Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Book review: The deleted emails of Hillary Clinton

The explosive secret e-mails Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to read 
(Or maybe she does…She’s crafty like that.)
Remember that time Hillary Clinton admitted that she deleted thousands of e-mails from her ultra-secret personal e-mail address while Secretary of State? Thousands of e-mails, she claimed, about her daughter’s wedding? Well, people aren’t buying it: “Hiding the truth” says The New York Post.“Conspiracy or incompetence?” asks Al-Jazeera. “Hillary Clinton Don’t Give a Sh*t” claims Wonkette. Clearly, these e-mails need to be released immediately.
Now, thanks to John Moe and WikiLoox, the lost messages have been retrieved and placed in this dossier. For the first time, we’ll get a look inside HRC’s well-coiffed head, reading intimate conversations with family (Bill, Chelsea), friends (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah, Beyonce), and frenemies (Obama, Palin, Putin) alike. We’ll also learn essential details about her private life, from her pop-culture obsessions to her thoughts on yoga, baking cookies, "Scandal," and much more. 
Make no mistake—this is a book of critical national importance. Following her journey from mother-of-the-bride to commandress-in-chief, we’ll see how HRC handles the most challenging situations she might face in the White House, including how to respond to people who "reply all" to e-mails and how to wrangle pantsuit retailers as they compete, with increasing desperation, for her attention. Along the way, we will finally get the portrait we need—the one our country deserves—of the woman we may soon call "Madam President."

My Review:

The Deleted emails of Hillary Clinton is a parody book about Hillary Clinton, her time in the White House, and Wikileaks. I really enjoyed this book, even though it was such a quick read that I spent the second half of my shift at work without a book. Let's look at it star by star, shall we?

1-readability: This was an easy and quick book to read. The format for the print book is clean, organized, and uncluttered while still portraying that you're reading an email instead of huge text blocks.

2-content: This book is funny and easy to follow, even if you have no real knowledge about National or International affairs. It's also a treasure trove for conspiracy theorists.

3- characters: Obviously in this sort of book there isn't a lot of room for character development, but we actually did see a bit. Keep pantsuits in mind as you ponder this while you read. Shout out to my favorite characters: Beyonce and Putin.

4-emotions: This book is definitely one to pick up when you want to feel good, laugh, or unwind from a long day at work.

5-buyability: Yes. Buy this book for your coffee table, for a friend, for yourself or your family member who doesn't agree with your political views. Also the family member who does agree with your political views. Buy this book.

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