Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: What Love Looks Like

Moving, Personal Accounts of God's Love from 12 Noted Leaders 
The Church is known for many things. Love is not usually one of them. 
Is it possible to show a hungry world the kind of love the Bible promises? Here are candid stories from twelve respected leaders in the renewal today, promising us that the agape love of God is strongly at work--if we are willing to be vulnerable for his honor. 
Jesus challenges us to let him pour out his love through willing vessels. These remarkable stories inspire us to become outlets of the love through which Jesus will change the world. 
Contributors are Heidi Baker, Stacey Campbell, Mahesh Chavda, James W. Goll, Joan Hunter, Harry R. Jackson Jr., Patricia King, James Maloney, Jackie Pullinger, Mickey Robinson, Doug Stringer, and Barbara Yoder.

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My Review:

This book has a lot going for it. It's easy to read, emotional, and changed a small part of my life and thinking. I highly recommend this to Christians because sometimes we get so caught up in the small do's and dont's and different interpretations of the bible that we forgot the top two commandments: Love Me [God] above all, and love [everyone else] your neighbor as yourself.

I mean, every single decision we make comes down to these two rules. You just have to ask yourself: Am I loving God and this person by picketing this funeral? By feeding these people? By refusing to marry these people? By taking in these refugees?

I love that I have this book on my shelf because it's something I can see myself coming back to and reading whenever I feel I've lost myself or my focus in life. The only thing that wasn't exceptional (but kind of was, in it's own way) is that these essays are so brilliantly written and I wanted so bad to cry while reading this. Generally that's a sign of a really good book but I was at work and I work in a call center, so crying is a no-no. 

So Why not 5 stars, Kristina? Like many Christian books, some parts seemed ridiculous and overboard, like refusing to go to the hospital because you want God to heal you--not something I would ever tell my daughter to do. But I mean if you can focus on the overall message I'm sure you'll find it a five star read.

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