Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ebook review: Diamond in the Rough

Over the weeks following her disappearance and the discovery of a long-silenced secret, the yellow brick road to Sophia Cavall’s happiness becomes littered with minefields.
Enter Oliver Black and his irresistible persona. He’s strong, caring, and doesn’t question her need for freedom. Sophie is Oliver’s feminine equal—the lioness in his lion lifestyle. She is his eyes and ears, and has his heart in her pocket. They have enough passion to paint the town red with love and a lurking, dangerous rival fears their union is a problem.
The price of fame and a high-profile relationship collides as the media spins a yarn to boost their ratings. Before they know it, the romance begins to falter. Can the two reconcile their opposing views before it is too late or will they lose the greatest love they’ve ever known? A devil of a choice is in order.
The odds are stacked against Sophie and Oliver in this second installment of the Diamond in the Rough series. What is the truth? Who is the real enemy? There’s no two ways about it—ready or not, he will come.

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She watches the glass fog up around her and the water flow to the shower drain. Her face flushed, her eyes dead, she stares off into the distance at nothing. She can feel him—John’s forced weight, his homicidal knuckles. And she can also feel his gentle touch, how he tinkered with her mind. Why had he done that? Why had he been easy on her? For all Sophie knows, he could very well be plotting her demise from inside a jail cell. He could be laughing. He could be lining dominos up one behind the other, getting ready to tip them over, set off a chain reaction. In her heart, she knows…it’s far from over.
Oliver steps into the shower like a light breeze coming through a window just when you need it. Without saying a word, he sits beside her and waits. He wants to hold her in his arms, but he waits. Oliver sees her for what she struggles with; sees her for what she desires. Right now, all of her is yelling, “just let me be.” And he accepts her quietness, just sits there as if saying, “Okay, but I’m here anyway.” She runs her hands through her wet hair and turns to him. After a long silence, it’s Oliver who speaks first. 

“You okay?”
“You really have to stop asking me that.”
“Because I don’t want to lie to you anymore.”
“Then don’t.”
“I know you think I’m overreacting.”
“That’s not what I think.”
“Then why do I see it in your face?” 
There’s a pause, then a sigh. “I don’t think you’re overacting. I think you need to talk to me. I want you to realize that you’re not in this alone. Give your damn pride a rest. You can let yourself go with me. I’ve got you.”

My Review:

I have been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for this book. Elisa was awesome enough to send me an ARC to review. So, did it meet expectations?

What can I say besides Elisa impressed me again? The plot was spot-on, the characters are insanely developed--we even see Oliver show a bit more of his flawed side--and the ending left me wanting More. Like, now. 

Those who know me or my reviews know I typically don't do romance novels. Even if I do get one that I don't hate, I usually don't go gushing about it. But Elisa makes these books feel like they're not even romances. They have real plots! The love scenes aren't cheesy! And also, the love scenes are well placed, well timed, and tactful. 

Can we talk about the ending? Because I reeeeeaaallly want to. But I try not to have spoilers in my reviews. I'll just say that I kind of had an idea what was going to happen, but I didn't realize Elisa would GO THERE. Ahhh! I'm going to need the next book in my hands, like, yesterday. 

My apologies to my coworkers who received exactly 0% of my attention as I read this book and straight up ignored everything but our clients and reading this book between having to deal with our clients.

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