Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: How early did you or your kids start reading?

I was reading by the time I hit kindergarten. I loved reading so much, I practiced the alphabet and read books with my younger sister so she did the same. I was blessed with a teacher for a mother, who encouraged learning and backed every action with the latest studies on child development. So obviously she read with me.

Growing up, we would make yearly trips down to the local bookstore. We'd take all the books we felt we were too old to read, box them up, and hand them over in exchange for store credit for more books. It was amazing.  So, naturally, I want my daughter to have the same sort of experience.

My Little Pony isn't exactly my first choice, but when she was 3 months old it was about all she would tolerate. These days, I'm reading War of Rain and read passages from that to her as well.
If we keep it up, she may read before kindergarten too.

How early did you read? If you read to younger siblings, how old are they? And how do you think this will effect their academic future?

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