Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review: Things unsaid by Diana Paul

A family saga of three generations fighting over money and familial obligation, "Things Unsaid" is a tale of survival, resilience, and recovery.

Jules Foster, her sister Joanne, and her brother Andrew all grew up in the same household—but their varying views of and reactions to their experiences growing up have made them all very different people. Now, as adults with children of their own, they are all faced with the question of what to do to help their parents, who insist on maintaining the upscale lifestyle they’re accustomed to despite their mounting debts. A deft exploration of the ever-shifting covenants between parents and children, "Things Unsaid" is a ferocious tale of family love, dysfunction, and sense of duty over forty years.

Things Unsaid will be published October 2015

My Review:
Things unsaid is interesting for the same reason sickened or A Child called It  are interesting, or why harry potter was so interesting when he was a boy under the stairs. No one knows why or how a family can be so dysfunctional, and these gossip type mysteries are things to be devoured by the human brain. The story mainly follows Jules Foster, the oldest of three, and how the parenting of her detached diva mother affected her own motherhood with her daughter Zoe. Jules is ultimately pushed too far by her parents and siblings always wanting help from her--not because she has money but because that's what she's "supposed to do" as a daughter and older sister--and all the threads unravel when Jules takes her own needs into account before worrying about others for once.
Character reviews:
As the main character, Jules was pretty well rounded. You could tell a lot of thought went into her. Joanne on the other hand came across as a bit two dimensional. Their brother, Andrew, was between the two but was written as too detached to really go into a whole lot of detail on him. 
A pretty good read. It didn't blow me away, but it was entertaining. I received an E-ARC that had some formatting errors, but there's plenty of time to fix that so no stars taken off for format.

My rating: 4/5

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