Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday thoughts: Bookish pet peeves

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts, a thing I'm going to aim to do weekly. Currently looking for a cohost who can handle the linky side of things and make this an official meme!

This week: Bookish pet peeves

1. "What'cha readin' there?"
Does this really need explaining? If I like it, I will tell you what I'm reading when I'm done reading it.

2.  see one, add a hand reaching out to grab the book I'm reading.

3. finding out the next book won't be out for a million years
And not even finding out until you've read the first two books and you need to read more of the author's writing YESTERDAY.

4. People wanting to have a conversation with you
Actually not the most horrible thing when I'm not digging a book. But sometimes I just want to tell people "shut UP I'm READING. Talk to that other person."

5. hardcover slips that keep slipping
I don't even bother anymore. I take the slip off to read and put it back on when it returns to the shelf.

Next week: Finding your book genre

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