Sunday, February 7, 2016

book review: Fold me up

Cut them out. Fold them up. Have fun. A grown-up twist on a childhood classic—exquisitely designed paper fortune-tellers.

Cootie catchers aren't just for kids anymore! These 100 paper fortune tellers provide a fresh take on a childhood favorite with answers/strategies for handling tough adult situations and answering important life dilemmas.

Each fortune teller features a unique and colorful design created specifically for this collection, including contributions from such design luminaries as Noah Scalin (creator of the Skull-a-Day project), Stefan Bucher (creator of, textile designer Jessica Jones, and more. (There are even a few blank ones so readers can get out what's on their minds.)

My review:
This book is adorable and a waste of time in the best possible way. I found myself cutting out pages and folding them while drinking wine to find out my husband's Chinese zodiac fortune or to see if I really needed that third glass of wine.
My favorite by far was important messages from puppies, and my least favorite was 'do you have bedbugs' (seriously, you just know.)
This book also makes an awesome gift. Definitely get it for the fun, semi crafty friend who likes doing things occasionally but isn't a full blown Pinterest freak. Also get it for the pinterest freaks in your life. And anyone born in the 90s, really, because that was what made me love it.
I got this book from a book outlet haul.

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