Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Finding time to read

Hello everyone! Guess what we're going to try to bring back? That's right, the weekly rendition of Thursday Thoughts. No link-up this time around, I'm afraid, thought if anyone wants to cohost with me and take part of the linky part of things let me know!

This week: Finding time to read

1. Read multiple formats

Put aside the e-book vs. hard copy debate for a minute and consider this: different formats have different levels of effectiveness at different times of the day. I read hard copies at work when I'm not allowed to  use my phone. I read my kindle copies on breaks or at night when it's dark and I'm almost ready for bed. If I drove, I'd definitely be getting some audiobooks for the ride to and from work.

2. Carry a book everywhere

Going to a party? Pull a Rory Gilmore and stash a book in  your purse, in case it gets boring. Going to the bank or doctor? Bring a book, because we already know there's going to be a line. 

3. Stash books everywhere.

In your car. In your purse. In your other purse. In your coat that has big pockets. In a place at work, if you have one. In your gym locker. By your bed. By your laptop. In the kitchen. In the bathroom. Never be without a book.

4. Plot out your day in hours

My husband and I actually did this as a part of a 'get ready for kids' type workshop. You will be amazed how much free time you actually have. Include sleep, commute, and work/school in your schedule and highlight all the empty parts.

5. Schedule reading goals and set alarms

My goals are different for different formats. I aim for 100 pages of a hardcopy a day, and a whole ebook a week. Whenever I get a kid's book to review, I try to get it out of the way as soon as possible. I don't see the time on my phone when I'm reading, so I set alarms to tell me when to go back to work. I also have alarms to wake up, to do two hours of blog-related activities, one hour of quality wake up time with my daughter, an hour of eating/youtube/entering book giveaways/tumblr, and a half hour of reading before going to work.

That's all for this week, folks! How do you find time to read?
Next week:Tips for new book bloggers

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