Sunday, November 8, 2015

ebook review: For the Sender: Love letters from Vietnam

Dear Sergeant Fuller, 
You won’t know me for another two years, 
but I am your daughter.

So begins a letter sent decades into the past, from a daughter searching for answers to a soldier serving in war-torn Vietnam, in this true story of service and sacri­fice, love and redemption, and the power of forgiveness.
A box with Love Letters from Vietnam etched on the lid waits buried in a closet, holding scrawled thoughts written on Air Force stationery from a passionate yet deeply flawed soldier stationed outside Da Nang to his young wife in east Texas. Years pass before a fate­ful, deadly winter night leads the soldier’s daughter, Jennifer, to open the box, read the letters, and answer her father back in time. She tucks her letters into a package with no address, because she no longer knows where to send them.
My Review:

I got an e-arc of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I started reading, and realized the words didn't really mean anything without listening to the songs. So I went to the author's website and listened to samples of the songs to get a feel for the melody and feel of the songs o keep in my mind as I read. The forward from Jennifer along with her first letter really reached out to leave a vice grip on my heart. I almost wish this book had been written by her instead of Woodard. 
That's not to say Woodard's writing isn't good. He's a far better songwriter, but his memoir writing skills are nothing to sneeze at. 
And while I don't know anyone who's been in a war (besides my grandfather, but he doesn't talk about it), I felt like I came to know Sergeant Fuller through his letters to his wife and the conversations in this book. A fantastic read for Memorial or Veteran's day, or anyone who appreciates nonfiction memoirs about love and bravery.

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