Sunday, November 22, 2015

ebook review: Apocalypse meow meow

Brownie, Apollo, and their ragtag group of strays have raided the grocery store and defeated some very mean mutts--but now they've run out of food. So when the crew discovers a nearby Twonkies factory, and all the Twonkies they could ever eat, they think they've got it made.
The only catch is the cat guarding the factory--and this "cat" is MUCH bigger, and far more sophisticated, than any feline they've ever met. Can the dogs and their friends defeat their foe and claim the Twonkies for themselves?
The Proimos father-son team returns with another irreverent, dog-filled take on the apocalypse, told in a graphic novel paper-over-board format. The instantly accessible artwork and laughs on each page will charm everyone from the most reluctant reader to the coolest of cats (humans and animals alike)!

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My Review:

I got this book as an e-arc through NetGalley, so any formatting opinions are self-redacted.

First, the drawings: they were cute without being too childish, and fit the tone of the story well.

The story: was really adorable and I can see grade school readers loving this series. The ending felt a little cut off though, like this originally was a longer piece that got chopped in half. Although, for the second in a series, you'd never know it. It reads like the first of a series and there's a thing that is introduced but never explored or resolved that felt off.

Buyability: not for me. My daughter's too young yet for me to know if she would like it.

Overall: This is a great book to have in a school library, but the cliffhanger at the end means you'll probably want to get the series.

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