Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book review: Smartbrain

New Consumer Tech: Smartphone Device Interfaces with the Human Brain
Sarah Whiting, young, attractive, techno-savvy homebody, researcher by trade, accepts a potentially lucrative offer to join a product/market analysis team that is performing the final evaluation of the believed technological breakthrough of the century before its release to the public.
New “Smartbrain” technology interfaces advanced smartphone capabilities directly with the human brain. But revelations about the technology's true origins, its potential consequence for the human brain, for society, and for this lonely backward planet, have Sarah second-guessing herself, and her sanity, when she falls for one of the engineers of the new tech and is suddenly swept into a dangerous ruse of deception, which may just be all in her mind, or may truly threaten the entire world.
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My review:

The author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review.

I really liked this book for about 180 pages. I enjoy realistic, predictive satire like brave new world or 1984 and from the blurb (and first 100 pages) I thought this would be along that sort of genre.

I was really really hoping that the foreshadowing wasn't as obvious as it seemed, and I was able to deal with the romancing bits because the rest of the concept was good and had so much promise.

But then aliens. Of all the directions this book could have possibly taken--aliens. Not for me. I put it down to go to the next book on my tbr list. But even though I DNF, the writing is pretty good. I just wish it had gone a different direction.

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  1. Oh well, the blurb sounded amazing and intriguing.. too bad it didn't work out.. :( I hope your next read would be better :)

    P.S I have a Giveaway on my blog.. I hope you can give it sometime to join! :)

    Donita @ My Random Book Thoughts