Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Review: The New Pastor's Handbook

Start your ministry off strong--and smart
If you're like most new pastors, you will suddenly realize in your first years of ministry that you are not prepared for many of the practical aspects of your calling. The New Pastor's Handbook is your guide to navigating these unfamiliar waters. With his hard-won wisdom, pastor Jason Helopoulos comes alongside you as a trusted friend and mentor to help and encourage you through your first years of ministry. He'll show you how to
· start out strong at a new church
· persevere during difficult seasons of ministry
· lead meetings and delegate tasks
· safeguard your family
· fight discouragement, pastor envy, and a lack of contentment
· navigate special ministry needs, such as hospital visits, weddings, and funerals
· and much more

My Review:

I got this book for free through a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.
I'm not a pastor. I didn't exactly go seeking out this book. I don't see me or anyone I know becoming a pastor. But, if I were to meet someone fresh out of Seminary School who thought his learning was done, I'd find a different church. Helopoulos acknowledges that a pastor's learning is never finished, never mind what a diploma implies. 

Even if not exactly relevant to mt life, I found the chapters interesting and the author humble. Definitely recommended for those looking to be spiritual leaders and teachers.

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