Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: My Favorite Bloggers

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts, a thing I'm going to aim to do weekly. Currently looking for a cohost who can handle the linky side of things and make this an official meme!

This Week: My favorite Bloggers

Elisa Marie Hopkins
It's no secret that I love this author's books. I also love that in between waiting for the next book, I can hop over to her blog to read her writing.

Tina the bookworm
I like Tina's taste in books. I like that we have almost the same name, and I like her features such as Bookworm thoughts, Bookworm lounge, etc.

Mikayla's Bookshelf
Every time I go to Mikayla's blog I inevitably add another book or two to my TBR pile. Even if you don't have the same taste in books, you've got to love her photography and bookish features.

Who are your favorite bloggers?

Next week: Ten things about me

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