Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ebook review: Hidden Gates

P.J. Stone was taught to put duty before her heart. But everything changes with a kiss…

As a Seer, P.J. is expected to choose a suitable mate to continue the bloodline. Wanting someone considered off-limits jeopardizes her future, forcing her to question everything she believes in. 

As if navigating her love life isn’t complicated enough, P.J. receives a vision of a threat to her world that only she can perceive. But no one wants to believe a fledgling Seer’s warning. With nowhere else to turn, can P.J. trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart?

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My Review:

At first I balked at the relationship between the seer and her guardian. It seemed waaay to insta-lovish. To be fair, there was obviously a relationship that extends way past the beginning of the story, but the emphasis of the sex drive between the two compared to the story I actually wanted to read was maddening.
Now, by the time I actually got to the story I wanted to read--who are the mysterious invaders? Will anyone believe her visions? Etc, I was interested. The only downside is that you have to suffer through 50% of the book to get there. The entire first half feels like nothing but "oh it's such a burden to be the chosen one", "oh my which boy will I ever choose?", "everyone is concerned about what I'm doing more than any other stranger they've ever met."
Once you get past that first half, the story gets better, but personally I was already too annoyed with the book to properly enjoy it.
I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

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