Saturday, January 9, 2016

Coloring book review: Every Little Thing

Enter a magical world filled with your favorite little things.
Wander through a 1980’s-inflected dreamscape of stuffed animals and boom boxes, dance along with a joyful parade of woodland creatures--each page of this coloring book invites you to explore a different kaleidoscope-like universe of pattern, shape and image. From the mind of Payton Cosell Turner—the creative force behind the celebrated wallpaper studio Flat Vernacular—comes this all-ages ode to the wondrous objects that make life beautiful. The coloring journey you take through these exquisite hand-drawn pages will inspire and delight.

My Review:

Coloring books follow the same general rule as novels: There's something for everyone, everyone has preferences, and not every book is going to be your favorite. This book is certainly cute, but not exactly what I enjoy coloring. I lean more towards mandalas and detail heavy pages like you'll find in the Time Chamber. 

I simply didn't get the same feeling as I did when I was working on other coloring books, even the $1.00 Lisa Frank workbook I got from the Dollar Store.

Definitely a great gift though, especially for animal lovers or people who actually grew up in the eighties.

I got this book through the Blogging for Books program.

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