Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: My Book Rating System

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts, a thing I'm going to aim to do weekly. Currently looking for a cohost who can handle the linky side of things and make this an official meme!

This week: My book rating system

I used to not really have any kind of rating system. I just kind of rated on instinct. But as I read more and more books that didn't work for me anymore. Of course, the metrics I use all change for different genres, but you'll see some of the themes are the same across all books.

1) did this book teach me anything/change my mind about something? 
2) Does the author have credibility/know what they're talking about? 
3) are there sources and are references quoted or paraphrased? 
4) is this book relevant to my life? 
5) would I buy it?

1) Was it interesting?
2) Were the characters developed?
3) Did it make me feel something?
4) Does the writing flow well?
5) would I buy it?

1) Are the pictures engaging to my daughter?
2) Is the book able to be easily torn or otherwise destroyed by toddlers?
3) Is there Rhyme and Meter?
4) Can this book grow with my daughter or last a couple of years?
5) Will I buy it/is it worth the price?

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  1. Ooh I too rate on my instincts! There's been a few occasions where I rate a book a full 5 stars even if I had an issue or two because I care more about the emotional impact the book provides.

    Great post!

  2. Ths is why I would sometimes love if Goodreads had a half-a-star option, as I sometimes think a book can be really well-written but have unlikeable characters or characters I didn't relate to. This a is a really interesting feature :)