Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: An open letter to Santa

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts, a thing I'm going to aim to do weekly. Currently looking for a cohost who can handle the linky side of things and make this an official meme!

This week: An open letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I haven't believed in you ever since I wrote that story about you retiring and the elves doing all the work until a 16-year-old girl came to replace you. But I have a lot of books on my tbr that I would love for Christmas. And since I know that sounds totally selfish of me, get a book that my husband will like too so we can share. I'd say something about my daughter here, but I wouldn't want to break the tradition of presents from Santa having mom's handwriting and signature wrapping style on them. Also, I'm going to need a signature wrapping style before my daughter is old enough to have memories.

Anyway, you know I'll have cookies for you. Stay away from my daughter's milk. Probably won't be any carrots because the only way I can get my family to eat vegetables is if they think I don't buy them and shred them up into various recipes that they don't think would ever have vegetables.

Say hi to the spouse for me,


Next week: How I became a reader

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