Saturday, December 12, 2015

ebook review; hope for the weary mom

“Right now, I have nothing to give. Nothing. Nada. I’m tired and don’t feel good and honestly, I want a break from everything. It’s not that I want to leave my family, trade them in, or get new ones. I WANT to be with them. I just want a break from hard hearts, discipline, correction. I want their hearts changed and I can’t do it myself. Sometimes, the knowledge of this makes me feel hopeless and helpless.”

~A Weary Mom

Does that sound like you? If so, join Stacey Thacker (of the MOD Squad), and Brooke McGlothlin (of the MOB Society) where God kneels down and meets us with hope in our mess. 

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My Review: 

There is a specific audience this book is marketed to: Christian moms/soon to be moms.
There is a subset that would probably enjoy this book more than everyone else, but isn't necessary to take something from the book: Christian moms of boys.
I fall into the first audience. I have a little girl. I enjoyed this book for the voice, the encouragement that I'm not alone when I can't be supermom, and the advice that always falls back to one thing: God.
Now I don't presume to know the exact words Jesus is saying (according to Brooke he's southern) but the message is all the same.

Recommended? Absolutely. What I would spend on it: 3.00
Received from netgalley for an honest review

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