Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book review: You are doing a freaking great job

The perfect gift, and the easiest gift.because we all know someone who deserves a pat on the back, a big thumbs-up, or just a special thank-you! You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job is a vibrant, colorful, pocket-size book of encouragement. Created by more than 20 artists and designers.from the well-known Etsy favorites Emily McDowell and Mary Kate McDevitt, to emerging talents Lindsay Whitehead and J. Zachary Keenan.this powerful little book is filled with nearly 200 uplifting and inspiring quotes, lyrics, and words of advice rendered in the original hand-lettered style of art that is pinned and repinned on Pinterest and sold on Etsy. 

My Review:

This little book is adorable. I wouldn't buy it for the quotes themselves because the internet is full of affirmations and subscriptions for affirmations should you want a daily thing. But the pictures that accompany the quotes are great and it's small enough that you can tear a page out to stick into a loved one's lunch box or briefcase. Overall, this is a good gift for the price I got it at (1.00 at the book outlet) and small enough to rest by the computer or fit in a purse.
Content rating: 5
Cover rating: 4

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