Monday, December 28, 2015

Book review; Unleash your inner company

Unleash Your Inner Company provides an innovative, proven, step-by-step process for anyone who aspires to start and grow their own business. Author John Chisholm—president of the worldwide MIT Alumni Association—brings an insider’s view that distills three decades of successful, serial entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. His book combines practical principles, entertaining anecdotes, deep insights, challenging exercises, and illuminating graphics to guide the reader in conceiving, designing, building, testing, and scaling up the ideal business for them.
Many books address passion in startups; only this book shows how to turn passion and perseverance into a loop of increasingly positive results. Aspiring entrepreneurs have more resources than they realize; Unleash Your Inner Company helps them discover those advantages. Readers learn how to accelerate their learning and how different is better than better. The book also advises the reader on what to look for in a cofounder, how to avoid competitors, when best to raise money, and what they can learn from Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest.
Unleash Your Inner Company is the only book the reader will need, regardless of their background, industry, or continent, to start the business that best fits their skills, passions, goals, and opportunities—in short, the right business to start now.

My Review:

I got this book through a goodreads giveaway. Normally I'd rate a book lower if it doesn't pertain to my life. But the cool thing about this field guide for entrepreneurs is that you don't even have to have the slightest idea what your business would be about at the start of this book. Chisholm walks you through literally every step of the startup, requiring only the ability to become passionate about something and persistence. 

I did enjoy the many visuals and graphs throughout the book, along with question and answer segments and question without answer segments designed to help you develop your startup. While still not quite a book for everyone, definitely an important book within its niche.


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