Friday, December 25, 2015

ebook review: Saved by the bell

The classic TV series gets an update for today’s brand new high-schoolers as the coolest kids at Bayside High start their freshman year!

All your favorite characters – Zack, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, Screech and Jessie (and Mr. Belding, of course!) – are starting freshman year at Bayside High, trading in brick phones and mullets for iPhones and Twitter accounts. Does Lisa’s fashion show get on the air, and will Screech ever leave her alone? Will Jessie get that A+? And, most importantly, who’s Kelly going to go out with – preppy Zack or new star athlete A.C. Slater? It’s alright, ‘cause we’re saved by the bell!

My Review:
I loved this ebook. It was a bit small on my smartphone, but still readable if you double click the pictures and short enough not to matter too much. Anyone with a tablet or kindle won't have any problems.
The storylines and drawing style are reminiscent of the Archie comics, which is great. And while reading this as a fan of Saved by the bell was enjoyable, the show relies on speed between scenes and audio cues for the humor, so a little was lost there.
Overall, if I saw this in the impulse aisle at Wal-Mart I would probably get it. If I had limited funds and went to the bookstore, I probably would pass on it.

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  1. I just loved watching Saved by the Bell after school while growing up! Wonderful review & Merry Christmas! :)