Monday, October 31, 2016

NetGalley Review: Katie Cox goes Viral

Everybody's watching Katie Cox...

Katie Cox is used to going unnoticed- by her mom, her dad, even her best friend. But when a video of her singing in her bedroom goes viral, she becomes a superstar overnight. As the views skyrocket and a recording contract beckons, the real world starts to feel very far away.

It isn't long before Katie starts riding high on her newfound fame. But the higher she flies, the farther there is to fall...

My Review:

Maybe I'm getting old, but most of this book had me going "You had ONE JOB KATIE." Seriously, most of this book was a normal teenager going through extraordinary circumstances. The rest of it was the same teenager making incredibly basic mistakes that make you want to shake her.

Maybe I should be saying "omg she's so real, so flawed. I love her." But I don't. You know who I love? Her sister Amanda, who does so much to try to make things easier for both her mom and her sister, and gets like Zero credit. Jaz was alright, but she seemed like a bit of a plot device, not so much a character in her own right.

Really, if you were a teenager who was suddenly offered a record contract while your life was falling apart and it felt like the only real thing in the world, you'd go for it. But if you're given ONE RULE about getting the contract and you go home and break that ONE RULE, what do you expect will happen? 

This book had me feeling meh. There are better ones, there are worse ones. If it's ever in flash sale and you can get it for free or for like 30 cents or something, go for it.

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