Saturday, October 29, 2016

NetGalley review: 100 tricks to appear smart in meetings

Funny because it's true.  From the creator of the viral sensation "10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings" (5+ million views and hundreds of thousands of shares) comes the must-have book you never knew you needed, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.  In it, you will learn how to appear smart in less than half the time it takes to actually learn anything.

You know those subtle tricks your coworkers are all guilty of? The constant nodding, pretend concentration, useless rhetorical questions? These tricks make them seem like they know what they’re doing when in fact they have no clue. This behavior is so ingrained, so subtle, and so often mistaken for true intelligence that identifying it, calling it out, or compiling it into an exhaustive digest has never been attempted. Until now.

My Review:
This book was hilarious. I love the doodles, the nod to my generation's short attention span with bullet points and to-the-point tips, and the flippant sarcasm sprinkled throughout the book.
It also kind of got me thinking on some points, but whether or not I use these tips at work is to be determined.
Overall, this is a short, funny book that sheds some humor on the meetings no one really wants to be in. (You know, like the memo on a new plan for customers that totally could have been an email)
This is definitely a book you want to get for yourself and a friend, so you have an inside joke to enjoy when the top manager pulls one of these tips on you.

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