Saturday, October 8, 2016

ebook review: 52 ways to love your body

Do you look in the mirror and see all the things you dislike about your body? For many of us, the first step to loving our bodies is being able to look at our reflection and not criticize what we see. And in a culture that worships thin, beautiful celebrities, it’s easy to feel like we just don’t measure up. So, how can you get over your flaws and focus on your fabulous?
52 Ways to Love Your Body is packed with easy and fun practices—one for each week of the year—to help you toss perfectionism out the window, turn down the volume on that nagging inner critic who is always going on about what's wrong, stop the never-ending comparison gameand finally love your body. You'll also find encouraging, in-the-moment affirmations to keep negative self-talk at bay, and give you a much-needed pick-me-up, any time, any place.
If you're ready to start loving your body, this book gives you 52 ways to get started now. So, what are you waiting for?

My Review:
Honestly it took some effort to get past the author's personality to judge the content of her book. "Lawyer-turned-teacher-turned-writer who talks to her heart while balancing on a wobbly indoor standup paddleboard yoga mat unless she's raising chickens" didn't exactly scream 'I'm relateable! I get what you're going through!" to me. 
That, and the self promoting (don't forget she wrote another book, guys!) got on my nerves. It took away from actually flipping through the chapters to find something that I could say "yes. this is useful to me." About a third of the way in, I was losing hope, but the Aspirations chapter finally got on my level. 
But I don't really get the sense that Simpkins really got to a point where she seamlessly loves her body. In a few chapters she mentions things like "If I don't do this, I feel horrible but then I do it again and the bad voices go away."
I'm not trying to take a medicine for self love that only works if you do it. I think of a self-relationship as just that--a relationship. I should be fine indulging in a spa day every couple of weeks, not going into 'self massage' withdrawals. 
Overall, not for me. I don't buy it, but if you're also a lawyer-turned-hippie-turned stay-at-home-whatever then you might like this book. 

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