Monday, October 24, 2016

book review: You are two

Narrated in the second person, You Are Two is a charming read-aloud that addresses the baby directly. Supersaturated ink-and-wash illustrations play with pattern and perspective and lend a contemporary, artistic feel to the book. The diverse group of babies pictured comes to life on the page and adds to the text’s warmth and broad appeal. The second in a three-book series,You Are Two is designed as a whimsical gift for toddlers or parents who will enjoy reflecting on all the highlights of the second year and expressing how much their little one is loved.

My Review:

Let's talk audiences. First, readers. The full description of this book includes reading levels and some kind of common core code. The kids reading this in school are older than two years old. but, it is a fantastic book for older siblings. Maybe kids seeing that the baby "works now" (as my nephew said of my daughter once she started walking) would benefit from this book by seeing the sorts of things a lot of two year olds can do. They may not be able to play on a playground like a 6 year old, but they can run and go up stairs.

Second, two year olds. My daughter liked the pictures well enough, but I wish there were drawings of things that were more easily recognized. She understands 'baby'. Everyone is a baby in this book. Maybe the stairs could have been more recognizable, the phone could have been something that was around in the last decade (don't tell me two year olds don't know what a cell phone is. THEY DO.). 

Third, parents. Ultimately I like what the illustrator was going for because it give a kick of nostalgia to the books I read as a wee one, but my own wee one has moved on to more modern times. If I received this book as a gift I can't say it would make me any happier than any humor parenting book out there. I would probably find the first opportunity to regift it, actually. That, along with the mommy wars feeling that you get when milestones are discussed (my daughter can go up stairs herself fine, we're still working on down. And spoons? we just avoid soupy things altogether. forks are way easier.) Having a book like this just makes you feel bad if your 25 month old baby can't pass the checklist.

Overall, 2/5. It was okay. 

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