Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winners! Yay!

First, I want to say that all your answers to the question made me smile, too! They were just so adorable. ^_^ I saw a lot about kids, about boyfriends and girlfriends, and about The Hunger Games!

I saw the Hunger Games. I loved it. How adorable was Rue?

Anyway, you want to know who won!

The first winner is....

Julie Witt!

She gets first choice of the three books. ^_^

The second will be:

Valerie Redfearn!
(Can I just say, your last name is amazing?)
she gets second choice. :)

And our third winner today is:

Danielle didn't actually put her last name, but I did email her. :)

Hurry, hurry, tell me what books you want, guys! I've emailed you! ^_^ 

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