Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flash Fiction: Feeling

Flash Fiction description: Written quickly, in one sitting, with minimal edits.

 My FAVORITE type of writing

 Her dreams, everything she looked forward to as a kid...gone.

Her whole future had been formed around this one simple game. How could she lose? It wasn't possible. He wasn't possible. His serve burned a hole right through her racket. She looked away from her treasure; her baby. She looked up into his ocean blue eyes and her gaze rested on his smug smile.

How dare he? He wasn't even sorry! Louise threw her racket, not caring if it was against the rules, and charged over the net. His smirk dropped from his face in an instant, replaced by fear. Her hands curled up into tight fists as she planned her attack...

The shrill whistle of the referee sounded in constant alarm. Don't do that! it said, You're in trouble! Hands clutched her arms, keeping her away from doing this boy harm. She was no farther than a foot away from him, with no hope of getting closer. Hatred clouded her eyes as his smug smile returned, with a small laugh.

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