Saturday, March 3, 2012

The End of ED Awareness Week

Today we end National Eating Disorders Awareness week. Did you all learn something? Anything?

Just because the week has officially ended doesn't mean we should stop spreading the word. We keep helping, keep fighting, keep hoping that more is done to help those with an eating disorder of any kind.

To say goodbye to ED week and resume our regular blog content, I leave you with a few books to check out.

Regaining yourself: Breaking free from the Eating Disorder Identity; A Bold New Approach

By Ira M. Sacker, Sheila Buff

Regaining Your Self offers hope in the battle against eating disorders through a radical new therapy technique pioneered by Ira M. Sacker, M.D. A leader in the field, Dr. Sacker has been treating patients with eating disorders for thirty-five years. This breakthrough book, filled with firsthand accounts from patients, family members, friends, and others, provides what patients and their families desperately need: a therapeutic model that heals.

 Telling Ed No! And Other practical Tools To Conquer your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom
By: Cheryl Kerrigan

Recovery from an eating disorder requires support of all kinds, and this book is filled with ideas, exercises, and insights. Based on Kerrigan’s own inspiring story, Telling Ed No! is a toolbox of over 100 practical recovery tools, from family interventions, yoga, and massage, to music, role playing and even holding ice! Each tool brings the recovery process to life with prompts for reflection and discussion. Readers looking for guidance will learn: why having a “treatment team” is essential and how to assemble one, how to end self-destructive behaviors such as cutting and over-exercising, and how to transform Ed’s controlling rules into powerful, new recovery rules. Part-self-help book, part memoir, this unique workbook combines the power of real-life experiences and candid straight talk with suggestions and exercises that offer both hope and creative guidance.

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