Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flash Fiction: Death

Definition of flash fiction: Written quickly, in one sitting, with minimal edits.

 Writing this way keeps me sane.

"Kristina...stop taking those pills. Come on, give them to me."
"No...I'm okay, really! I'm perfectly....fine...." I fell over, into the arms of a friend whose face I didn't recognize.
"Get rid of those! Don't let the teachers see her!"
"What's going on here?" It was one of the administration. God....I hated the administration.
"Nothing, you pompous, bloated idiot! Leave usalone already!"
"What's wrong with her?"
"Her!? I HAVE a NAME!" I get up and turn around, seeing double, triple, and blurred visions, depending on who I looked at. Then a glimpse, just a small flash of bright, small colors.
"Hey, give those back!" I grab the pills I felt I desperately needed. I grabbed a handful and cram them into my mouth. But my throat won't swallow anymore. So I run past everyone and go to the water fountain. I move the pills to the back of my mouth and take a huge gulp of water.
As they go down, I feel sick. I race to the bathroom, but don't quite make it. I see the floor, then black.
I open my eyes to a huge door. All the feelings I was so desperate to hide come out. I'm scared, furious, confused, and crazed. With no where else to go, I start attacking the door. "Let me in! I hate you! Open up!"
The door wouldn't open. That's all that really mattered. Then out of nowhere lightning goes through my system, making me fly away from the door. In a flash, people are standing around me. Doctors.
Later, I was told my heart stopped. I was told that, normally, someone in my condidtion wouldn't have been able to be revived. The school counselor comes in. "Why did you do that? You could have died!"
I look at him and shake my head, feeling my bitterness well up and threaten to come shooting out at him. "No. They wouldn't let me in."

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