Wednesday, March 2, 2016

book review: The remnants

The town of New Eden, peopled with hereditary oddities, has arrived at its last days. As two near-centenarian citizens prepare for their annual birthday tea, a third vows to interrupt the proceedings with a bold declaration. 

My Review:

I didn't even get through the first chapter. The author's 'eccentric' writing style held description in all the wrong places and left me feeling lost. The writing style may be fine for poetry, but not so much when writing prose. I even went so far as handing the book to a coworker and saying "is it me, or does this not make any sense?"
She handed it back and, withholding judgment, agreed she didn't know what was going on and asked what the book was about.
Which brings me to complaint number two. Both the back blurb and the inside cover held nothing but reviews. No summary, no character descriptions, not even a hint about the subject matter on the copyright page. I ended up going online to look for the blurb and was met with MORE reviews on the book's description page on amazon, before finding out the book is supposed to be about two very old characters having a tea party that gets interrupted by a drama mama.
I wouldn't buy this. In fact, I'm not even keeping this book that I got through a goodreads giveaway. It's a waste of my shelf space.
Recommendation: don't.

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