Friday, February 17, 2012

Prose of the Day - Emilie Autumn's Smirking Girl

This isn't actually prose this week, but poetry. Below is the poem, and below the below is the video where you can hear Miss Autumn reading it to you.

 If you turn the pages of the past
you'll often find a story without an ending.
No 'Amen' to say it's bull.
All you have is a name you would rather forget.
But it isn't over yet,
not when you've built your castle out of barricades
to guard against the fools you beat so long ago;
Long before you even knew they were fools
but even longer since you saw a god in anyone.
And for such an independent soul,
you sure wanted to believe in someone else.
Can you blame them, that you hate them?
Smirking girl, you ask too much.
Who said anyone would show you the way?
Who said anyone would care what you'll lose someday?
You're all alone here.
You can't buy what isn't there,
and you're all alone here.
You can't change what isn't fair.
How obstinate you are.
You can't forgive them;
all they did was make you cry
on every day that passed you by.
How wise they were to know you didn't like them.
How foolish they should have to ask you why.

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