Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Review(s) - Spy Goddess Series by Michael P. Spradlin

Wisecracking Beverly Hills brat Rachel Buchanan doesn't exactly have an ordinary life. For one thing, she attends Blackthorn Academy, which is secretly a training school for spies. Then there's her arch-nemesis, who's convinced that Rachel is this ancient goddess reincarnated to stop his evil plans.
It all sounds pretty lame to Rachel.

My Review:

I love this series. I adore it. I generally don't go for teenage spy books...okay, I just don't ADMIT that I do, but Spradlin manages to make this all somewhat realistic.

Without giving too much away, Rachel is (was) ((but still really is)) a trouble maker from a well off family in Beverly hills. After one last stint, she was sent to Blackthorn academy and discovered all sorts of awesome secrets and met some bad guys and still doesn't consider herself a hero. I like that about her. 

After reading the first book, I went out and bought the second book and the manga series. The third Spy Goddess novel was also released as an ebook, which I recommend. The only thing about that one is that you must keep in mind that it "never actually happened," according to the author on his website. It's still highly recommended that you look that one up and give it a shot, because it's something that shouldn't be missed. If you're curious about the spy goddess series, I'll be giving a copy of the first novel away later in March.

If you like this series, I recommend reading the Gallagher Girls series (because I TOTALLY DON'T read girl spy novels) ((lie)) 

Overall rating: 5 stars.

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