Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tyndale Blogger Network review: The 9 arts of Spiritual Conversations

Love God, love people. Could evangelism really be that simple? Often, it doesn’t seem so. It can feel scary, awkward, and uncomfortable as we try to navigate loaded questions and different perspectives. Even the most faithful of believers sometimes get stumped. But can you imagine if we, as Christians, simply spent time with people who are far from God and provided a safe place to talk about spiritual matters? If we listened to them and discovered what was really important to them? After all . . . it’s what Jesus did. And it’s what you can do too.
Drawing straight from the life and ministry of Jesus, The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations offers simple practices to help you build relationships with people who believe differently. Anyone who has read and appreciated Becoming a Contagious Christian or Just Walk across the Room won’t want to miss this book on creating a safe space to have natural, loving, and spiritual conversations with others.

My Review:

First of all, if you're wondering what the deal is with the cover, buy the book. I love that the cover is explained on the first page.
Second of all, as a converted Christian whose Heard it All from anyone and everyone who found out I was looking into religion, I'm definitely team #WaitToWitness. There's a reason for this. One day I asked someone for a pad because I was out. The wonderful, awesome young lady said she didn't have any but actually ran by Walgreens and bought me a whole pack. My reaction was probably standard: "Wow, overkill, but Wow, Thank you!" She knew I was on a tight budget and helped out with a necessity. We got to talking, and she talked a lot about her faith. I don't remember the conversation, but I do remember that every time she dais 'God' she had a little inflection in her voice. Every. Single. Time. I was happy that she was so passionate about her faith and the rapid-fire rap style praying her friend gave when he caught up to us (they were young adults and probably part of a rock and roll church.) Again, great passion. I was stoked for them. But the intensity of their faith rubbed me the wrong way.
Contrast that with my husband, who helped me convert much in the same way this book outlines: Listening, conversation, relationship, discussions(and asking questions), then witnessing. It was honestly so much more effective. It meant more, and felt less forced. I felt less like a refer-a-friend candidate and more like I was heard and respected and genuinely cared for.

If you're interested in Evangelism and not getting the results you're hoping for, or haven't really started and want a place to start Evangelizing, get this book and then give it to a friend. Use the book and get copies for an Evangelism club. Spread the Word in a more effective way than ever before for a new generation.


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