Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday thoughts: Summer reading

I was looking through various book blurbs and kept seeing something in common. Claims of  "this is the perfect summer read!", "Great for summer reading!", and the like came up again and again.

What makes a book good for summer reading? Is it also good for fall and winter reading? Do they mean it's a book that's easy to hold in one hand when you're poolside?

Or are they thinking of teachers and students, who get to have summer off and have time to sit and savor a book all in one sitting? What about those who still work during the summer months? Is it still a good summer read or is it best to reserve time to read it in one sitting so we're not hiding books under our desks like we're in math class all over again?

Are summer and spring reading akin to summer romances and spring flings? Am I more likely to add an author to my Author Idols page during the summer months? 

Or maybe it's just a part of marketing. Maybe not. What does a "great summer read" mean to you?

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