Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Review: Just back off and let us teach by Caroline Lewis

My Review:
As a millennial, my radar for the older generation overreacting and rejecting anything new or different from the stone age tends to go off a lot. When I first received this book for review, it dinged as soon as I read that the author was from Trinidad, in the age of teachers using corporal punishment on children and still somehow had respect. But then I kept reading. It wasn't the rulers and paddles that made teaching reat, she explained, it was the passion and respect from others for teaching the next generation the things they need to know. Lewis pointed out something I rarely hear in reform speeches, too: sometimes teachers are the problem. We've all had at least one lazy or unmotivated or disenchanted teacher in our lives. You know the one that tells you to read tthe book, take a test, and then violate the Student Privacy act by having the student behind you grade it. We've also had the motivated teacher who puts their energy into teaching and reaching students. We loved that teacher! We wanted to be that teacher! And tthis is what Lewis is calling for. More teachers like this, and how to become that teacher using SCOPE. My rating: 4.5/5

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