Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flash Fiction: Cub scouts

Flash Fiction: Write fast, and don't edit.

 I really liked the idea of just dialogue, so I'm doing that again.

"Good evening, sir."
"Look, kid. I don't want any cookies. So go make a radio out of coconuts or something."
"Well, you're in luck. I'm not selling cookies. I'm doing a survey."
"Great. I don't want to take a survey. Ask that nice old lady over there."
"I just need to know what you want for christmas. Like, I want world peace so--"
"Look. I'm very busy trying to take over the world."
"I'll leave if you tell me what you want for christmas. Please? It's for a badge!"
"Fine! I want world domination, a copy of Mein Kamph, and a box of cracker jacks. Now scram."
"Mister, you ARE a box of cracker jacks."
"That's it. You have two seconds to leave before I cram that survey right up--"
"Tch. Humans."

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